We can't say enough good things about Petrus, anyone could learn from watching what he did. Always replied quickly, always had information. A very good quick listener. Petrus is lucky that we are not writing a book right now because I think Petrus might be chapter one.

Alison K. - Oakville

Congrats Petrus. I know it proved a little more difficult than first imagined. In fact, it's the first time I can truthfully say to a Realtor that it wouldn't have happened without your hard work and dedication.

Julian B. - Oakville

He was a pro all the way. How the heck do people do this without a Realtor. I can't imagine doing this on our own.

Scott S. - Oakville

Your team is the standard by which all realtors should be measured. I can actually say that we thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you.

Adnan S. - Burlington

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